Cranky Chinchillas

Prepare yourself for a game filled with betrayal, secret alliances and… fluffy chinchillas!

4-6 players (4-8 with expansions), ages 14+
Playing time: 30-60 minutes
Publisher: Cranky Chinchillas Inc.

Cranky Chinchillas is now live on Kickstarter:

The game starts with every player receiving a role card, which they keep secret for their opponents. Each role comes with a unique objective which players must achieve to win the game. Players also receive 4 hero cards which they put face up in front of them, and 5 action cards.
On your turn, you can play as many action cards as you wish, perform their ability and discard them afterwards. These action cards are a huge part of the game, as they allow you for example to steal from, or attack other players.
In addition, you may also activate one hero to use its powers, after which you flip them face down. Heroes also depict your life points, and when you lose all of them you will die, which causes your role card to be revealed, but you still can continue to play.
Once a player achieves the objective of their role, the game ends, with every player who meets the requirements of their role cards winning the game!

When played with the right group, Cranky Chinchillas is a fantastic party game. The rules are easy to grasp and you don’t need a large surface to play on. Gamer or non-gamer, everyone I introduced the game to had a blast playing!
My favourite part of the game are definitely the secret roles, which every player receives at the start of the game, and that you have absolutely no idea who you’re up against. Every role comes with a different objective to win the game, so each time you play will be different.
There’s a lot of bluffing, sabotage and conspiring and it comes with great artwork which is always a big bonus.
If you’re up for an hour of backstabbing and plotting with your friends, definitely have a look at Cranky Chinchillas! It’s now live on Kickstarter:

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