Flower Garden

Build your own beautiful garden and try to be the first player to collect 4 flowers of the same colour!

2-4 players, ages 12+
Playing time: 30-60 minutes
Designer: Thyyen Ta

Publisher: Flowersflame Designs

Each player starts the game with one random Seed card, a coin and a resource.

During their turn, players must perform two different actions out of these following options:
– Gather resources like water, soil and fertilizer,
– Plant a seed in one of the 4 flower patches in their garden,
– Bloom a flower by spending the resources it requires,
– Visit the market to buy plan cards
– Or try to sabotage other players by throwing rocks or fast growing weeds in their gardens.
In addition to these actions, they also can play the plan cards to help them grow their garden even faster.

At the beginning of their turn, players can also sell flowers to make room for colors they are collecting, using the money that also can be used to buy new plan cards during their turn.

When a player manages to collect a complete set of 4 flowers of the same kind, the game ends and that player is favored by the flower queen.

Flower Garden is an accessible and fast-paced card game that’s basically a race to be the first one to collect a set of 4 flowers of the same colour. Don’t let the theme deceive you: there’s quite some take that in the game, with players slowing down your progress and sabotaging your garden. The plan cards add a nice touch to the game: they give you extra benefits or help you protect your garden, or even give you your own personal win condition!
The game also comes with an expert gardener mode with the Queen Card, which can be used as a flower of your choice, but also can add weed or even wilt flowers if you’re unable to pay its required upkeep cost.
Overall we think Flower Garden is an enjoyable beautiful card game that’s definitely worth giving a look when it lands on Kickstarter on September 30th! Check this link to get notified of the campaign launch:

*** We played Flower Garden with a prototype copy of the game, please note the final version will differ from what you see in the photos ***

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