Moku Tower

Combine stacking, timing and strategy in this game of wood art!

2-6 players, ages 7+
Playing time: 20-30 minutes
Design and artwork: Louis Hsu & Ivan Kan

Launching on Kickstarter September 28th!

The rules of Moku Tower are very easy to grasp: on their turn, players flip the hourglass, draw new cards, and try to match the requirements of those cards by stacking the wooden rocks. Each card shows some of the 10 wooden rocks that come with the game, each having its own grain, color, weight, texture and even aroma!

Once the hourglass is flipped, you start by drawing a card giving you a start position, and optionally draw ‘extra pieces cards’. You also may draw a ‘super jetpot card’, giving extra requirements the player will have to meet. Each of the cards show points that the player will earn if he succeeds.
After drawing the cards, the player has to stack the wooden rocks on the base, in the order shown on the cards and keeping in mind the extra requirements of the ‘super jetpot card’.
If one or more of the wooden rocks drop, or the player fails to construct his tower within the time limit, all cards are discarded and play moves on to the next player. If he succeeds, the player keeps the cards for the points they show.
Some rewards also allow you to take a ‘special function card’, which you can use to attack or give extra requirements to your opponents.
As soon as a player reaches the target score (15 or 25, depending on the number of players), that player wins the game!

Moku Tower describes itself as a “home décor tabletop game”, and that’s definitely what this is: a beautiful piece of art to play with. The rocks are handcrafted out of high quality wood with a pleasant look and feel.
The ‘special function cards’ allowing you to mess with your opponents come with quite some take that, which makes this game for me feel more like a party game than a dexterity game, and some of the extra requirements make it fairly hard to succeed in building your tower within the time limit.
The combinations of mechanisms feels very refreshing, I cannot recall seeing anything similar in any other game and that’s of course always a good thing.

If you don’t miss out on this one, check the following link:

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