Chili Mafia

Assemble your own powerful Chili Pepper Gangs and try to become the most respected mafia boss!

2-8 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 20-40 minutes
Designers: Krisztina Felmery & Tamas Leidal
Artwork: Ivett Perlaky

Publisher: Lemery Games

Now live on Kickstarter:

Chili Mafia starts with a small drafting phase: every player is dealt 6 cards, picks 1 and passes the rest to the left, repeating this until players have their starting hand of 6 cards.
During their turn, players may perform as many actions as they want, ending their turn by drawing 2 new cards from the deck.
The possible actions allow you to:
Form a new Chili Gang, either by playing 3 Peppers of the same value, or 3 of a different value.
Add cards to an existing gang, following the same rules as above
Target other players by playing a Hot card for each of your complete gangs. If by doing so a gang has less than 3 cards, it’s incomplete until new cards are added to it.
Play an action card for its advantage

The game ends when the final card is drawn from the deck, and players gain points depending on their complete Gangs: for mixed gangs you add up their values, for same value gangs you do the same but multiplying it by 2. The player with the most points is announced to be the most respected mafia boss!

Chili Mafia is a fun set-collection party card game that can be played both with small groups but also at high player count, with both a 2 player mode and team play mode included. The game comes in a magnetic box that looks like a suitcase, very handy to take with you everywhere, and it also provides enough space for a playmat and possible expansions.
The game itself is very accessible and plays quickly, it’s very inviting to play multiple games in a row but also perfect to play as a filler in between some heavier games! This is a game that can be played with everyone ensuring a fun time, and I’m certain this will frequently get played at our family parties in the future!
If this sparks your interest, make sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign:

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