Castellans of Valeria: Construct, Control, Conquer

In Castellans of Valeria, players are vying to become the Castellan of the city of Kosk. Their mission is to manage the city’s growth by gathering resources, developing districts, and earning influence with the guilds. The game is played over five rounds, and in each round, players go through four phases: draft, action, score, andContinue reading “Castellans of Valeria: Construct, Control, Conquer”

Chamber of Wonders: Gather, Display, Triumph

Imagine this: The time is the late 1800s in London. A city bustling with energy and infused with a sense of exploration. You and your friends, who are also your rivals, are on an ambitious quest to curate the most extraordinary exhibit of rare and unlikely artifacts ever seen. 👥 2-4 players, ages 14+🕰 PlayingContinue reading “Chamber of Wonders: Gather, Display, Triumph”


In the world of trading card games, every so often a fresh breeze enters the scene. Today we spotlight the brand new game, D-Spirits, which we had the unique opportunity to test using a sample deck, generously provided by White Goblin Games. 📚 According to legend, the D-Spirits were once powerful entities wreaking havoc acrossContinue reading “D-Spirits”

Creature Comforts

In Creature Comforts, players are immersed in the lives of forest-dwelling animals as they prepare their homes for the winter months. The game’s objective is to create the most comfortable den using a variety of goods gathered during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. This is achieved by taking on the roles of different animalContinue reading “Creature Comforts”


Welcome to Hike!, a game set in the fascinating world of dog sledding. You’ll be stepping into the boots of a musher, preparing for and participating in a thrilling sled race. 2-6 players, ages 8+Playing time: 20-45 minutesDesigners: Blaž Hribar & Nika MlinaričArtwork: Paulina Wach Publisher: SnowBoardGames 🏁 Hike! is essentially divided into two keyContinue reading “Hike!”


Welcome to the world of Distilled, where the enticing aromas of carefully crafted spirits waft through the air and the clinking of glasses echoes in the background. In this immersive and strategic board game, you are transported into the heart of a long-forgotten distillery, inherited from a distant relative. As you dust off the cobwebsContinue reading “Distilled”


Grab your tools and get ready to dig into the world of Fossilis, a game where players take on the role of intrepid paleontologists on the hunt for the ultimate dig site! You’ll clear away rugged terrain, gather valuable fossil fragments, and uncover long-lost bones to showcase in a prestigious museum. Compete over four rounds,Continue reading “Fossilis”

Power Plants

In the world of Power Plants, players transform into wizards cultivating a shared magical garden. The game’s objective is to harness the unique abilities of different mystical plants, gather gems and dominate valuable fields. 1-5 players, ages 8+Playing time: 30 minutesDesigner: Adam E. DaultonArtwork: Apolline Etienne Publisher: Happy Meeple Games 🧚‍♂️ To begin, players selectContinue reading “Power Plants”


Inspired by our ever-evolving planet and the increasing importance of sustainable energy, Powerline is a game that brings the challenge of connecting cities to new sources of energy production to life. Designed by Dirk Henn, this game embraces the spirit of change and innovation while engaging players in a race to construct efficient power lineContinue reading “Powerline”

D.E.I.: Divide et Impera

In a world devastated by a new ice age, the game of exploration and survival known as D.E.I. takes players on a journey through the icy deserts of the future cities, where resources are scarce, and survivors are forced to band together in order to stay alive. In this game, each player controls one ofContinue reading “D.E.I.: Divide et Impera”