Plant-Based Riot

Assemble your own gangs of vegetables to take down the ruthless Cartel. But beware of your opponents, as you’re not the only one who’s keen on winning this Turf War!

2-5 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 20 minutes
Designers: Matt Ludlow, Roberto Rotaru & Courtney Wood
Artwork: Roberto Rotaru

Publisher: Bubblegum Stuff

Plant-Based Riot is now live on Kickstarter:

Before starting the game, you separate the Cartels from the other cards, and place 3-5 Cartel cards face down on the table, depending on difficulty you desire. Each player secretly takes a peek at one of those Cartel cards, and is dealt 5 cards to start the game with, after which you place the draw pile in the middle of the table.

The rules of Plant-Based Riot are very straightforward: You start your turn by drawing 2 cards, after which you perform up to 3 actions. These actions are:
– Play or move a gang card into your turf, grouping cards of the same type. Only gangs consisting of 3 cards will be strong enough to destroy the Cartel!
– Place a security card onto a gang to protect them.
– Play an action card for a powerful action or to thwart the plans of your opponents.

You may also start a turf war, and when 2 full gangs match with the facedown Cartel cards, you immediately win the game!

Plant-Based Riot is an accessible card game, combining set collection with a neat mix of take that, deduction but also some bluffing. I really dig the artwork, it’s hilarious fun with so many puns that I still keep discovering new ones each time we play!
The game only consists of a deck of 98 cards, so it’s perfect to take with you when traveling or to take with you on a family visit. The easy rules allow you to play this with anyone, but there’s also a Rival Gangs variant if you’re looking for a harder game!

This game is a lot of fun and I easily see this becoming one of our favourite fillers, as everyone I introduced to it absolutely had a blast playing!

Head over to Kickstarter to check out the campaign!

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