Bristol 1350

The black plague has descended upon the town of Bristol! With lots of villagers dying, you’re one of the survivors trying to escape in one of the three available apple carts!

1-9 players, ages 13+
Playing time: 20-40 minutes
Designer: Travis Hancock
Artwork: Holly Hancock and Sarah Keele

Publisher: Facade Games

At the start of the game, each player receives two symptom cards, keeping them hidden for the others, and depending on the sum of those they are infected with the plague. The healthy players are trying to reach the city walls in the first cart, hoping there won’t be any infected player with them in the cart.
Players who are infected on the other hand are trying to deceive the healthy players to win the game, they can do this by making sure every cart has an infected player in it when it crosses the city borders.

During their turn players can choose to do one of three available actions: they can reroll dice influencing the speed of the carts, draw a remedy card, or move a pawn elbowing himself to the front of the cart or pushing another player to the cart following theirs.
When the dice of a specific coloured cart shows at least two rats, the symptom cards of all the players in that cart are mingled, making it possible for more players to get infected.

When the first cart leaves town, everyone on that cart reveals whether they were infected or not, and if everybody is healthy all players in that cart win. If at least one player in that cart was infected, they all die of the plague and the game continues until the next cart crosses the wall with only healthy players on board. If all of the carts have at least one infected player when escaping town, all infected players win the game.

Although it has quite a macabre theme, Bristol 1350 turned out to be a fun social deduction and bluffing game that’s great to play with big groups. It’s one of those games when played with more people, the better and always a lot of fun to deduce which players might be infected and which ones are not.
The game comes with beautiful playmat and incredible components that definitely help a lot to get immersed in the game.

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