Museum: Pictura

In Museum: Pictura, each player becomes the curator of a prestigious art museum. Your goal is to collect some of the most iconic paintings in the world and exhibit them in your galleries.

2-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 60 minutes
Designers: Eric Dubus & Olivier Melison
Artwork: Joëlle Drans, Loïc Muzy & Amber Scharf

Publisher: Holy Grail Games

During the game you acquire new paintings, each with different specifications such as genre, period and artist, and place them on the slots of your museum board.
You can collect points in several ways: by trading cards with the four museums on the central board, by exhibiting new paintings that match the current trend card, by recruiting patrons, and by conducting temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions also give you reward tokens to activate various effects on your museum board, such as permanent bonuses or endgame points.
Favour cards are given each time your marker passes your favour marker on the scoring track, and you can play these as a free action during your turn, giving you various advantages. Once one of the players ends their turn with 50 points or more, the end of the game is triggered.

After their last turn, players receive points for each of the collections in their museum, personal trend cards, the number of temporary exhibitions they have conducted, and extra points if they manage to fill their Grand Gallery or even their entire museum. Players lose points for cards left in their discard pile, and whoever has the most points wins the game!

Given that we absolutely loved the original Museum, we were very excited to try out this new instalment in the series. Both games definitely share some similarities, although Pictura feels a bit more accessible and streamlined to me.
The production is once again top notch: the game comes with 180 unique paintings and very nice thematic artwork that gives the game a great table presentation. We would even dare to conclude that Museum: Pictura is a work of art that would not be out of place in a museum itself!

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