You and your fellow players are going to contribute to the first great reference work of natural history. Over the course of the game, you’ll study animals and publish your findings with just one goal: to become the greatest contributor to Buffon’s Encyclopedia!

1-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 60-120 minutes
Designers: Eric Dubus & Olivier Melison
Artwork: Joëlle Drans & Ronan Toulhoat

Publisher: Holy Grail Games

Encyclopedia is launching on Kickstarter on March 24th!

🟡 On your turn, you choose a die and place it on one of 6 different locations on the board. Each player has 4 dice on their own player board but you’re not limited to these, as you can also take a die from your opponent’s board who will then receive a bonus: either coins, reputation or points. Carefully planning which die to pair with each bonus can earn you quite a bit!

🟡 Some of the locations will require you to place dice of a certain value, while others need a specific color, and you’ll be able to modify the value and color by spending coins or tokens.

🟡 The various actions allow you to gain those coins or tokens, hire experts or pick an animal to study. You can also go on an expedition to a continent to research your animals with the corresponding color, and finally publish your findings and place the research cubes on the publication section of the board. These last two actions are the ones that will earn you the most points during the game.

🟡 When the game ends after 6 rounds, you get additional points for your sets of same-color cards and research cubes on the board. The player who collected the most points will be called out as the best contributor to the Encyclopedia!

This charming and clever design launches today on Kickstarter! It comes with 75 unique and beautifully illustrated animal cards that reinforce the theme and make the game a feast for the eyes. If you like games with many possibilities to search for combos like Castles of Burgundy or Troyes, you should definitely give this game a try!

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