Dog Park

Add dogs to your kennel, take care of them and walk them through the park to collect resources and reputation. In Dog Park, players become dog walkers competing to become the most accomplished walker of them all!

1-4 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 40-80 minutes
Designers: Lottie & Jack Hazell
Artwork: Kate Avery, Holly Exley & Dann May

Publisher: Birdwood Games

🦴 Each game round begins with players using their reputation to bid on the dogs on offer, with choices being made depending on their personal goals and this game’s breeding expert cards. The highest bidder pays their reputation and takes home the dog of their choice, other players may take one of the other dogs that were left behind.

🦴 In the second step, players choose up to three dogs to go for walks with and take care of their needs before going outside. The dogs need toys, sticks and treats to play in the park, and when selected, some dogs will have their abilities activated.

🦴 Players then arrive at the park and walk their dogs, picking up toys and treats along the way and possibly collecting other bonuses. For some dogs, extra walking abilities are activated in the park. Upon exiting the park, players choose one of the leaving bonuses before heading home.

🦴 After the walking phase, each player gains and loses reputation for his walked and unwalked dogs.

🦴 After the fourth round, players tally up their collected reputation by adding extra reputation for the breeding expert cards, goal cards and dogs with final scoring abilities. The player with the most reputation is the city’s best dog walker.

💬 Dog Park is a family+ type of game, with rules that are easy to understand and game phases with mechanisms that are kept simple, making the game accessible to less experienced players.
⭐️ The production quality is first-class, with screen-printed meeples, a mass of beautifully illustrated dog cards and a great insert to hold everything.
💭 For experienced players the game offers nothing new, except for probably one of the cutest themes ever. Finding combos between your dog abilities is satisfying, but given the large deck of cards, it does depend a bit on the luck of what comes out.

👉 Overall, Dog Park is a smooth playing family game and if you love playing games like for example Wingspan or Parks, this one’s definitely worth a look!

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