Oriflamme: Ablaze

In this tactical card game, players take on the role of heads of influential families who are in the midst of a power struggle for the royal throne!

3-5 players, age 10+
Playing time: 15-30 minutes
Designers: Adrien & Axel Hesling
Artwork: Tomasz Jedruszek

Publisher: Geronimo Games (Originally published by Studio H)

Over the course of six rounds, players secretly place cards from their hand to gain the most influence. Once placed, you can choose to reveal your card and perform the effect, or you can leave the card hidden to place an influence on top, which you can collect if you choose to reveal the card later in the game.

The game comes with 11 different types of cards, which are divided into 2 groups:
Character cards remain in the queue and are reactivated in the following rounds
Intrigue cards are more powerful, but must be discarded once activated.

The gameplay is identical to the original Oriflamme, the big difference however is in the new cards that bring a fresh twist. Bluffing seems even more important now and the possibility to bribe characters from other players makes it all just that little bit different.

Just like its predecessor Oriflamme: Ablaze comes with beautifully illustrated cards, clear rules and handy player aids. Oriflamme was one of our most played games in 2021, and chances are that with this Ablaze it will repeat itself. If you’re looking for a quick tactical bluffing game, I cannot recommend Oriflamme enough: for me it’s simply one of the best of its kind!

On top of this all you can combine the cards from the original Oriflamme game with these new ones. Ablaze comes with a recommendations sheet with balanced combinations, or you can compose a combination on their website: http://studio-h-games.com/oriflamme-generator/

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