Skytear Horde

Defend your castle, tear down the gates that are summoning the monsters and prepare yourself for the final confrontation with the Outsider!

1-3 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 30 minutes
Designers: Giacomo Neri & Riccardo Neri
Artwork: Riccardo Parmeggiani

Publisher: Skytear Games

Skytear Horde is now live on Kickstarter:

Skytear Horde can be played solo or co-op with 2 players who are competing together against the Horde, or competitively with a third player in control of the Horde.

Players each pick one of the 4 pre-made alliance decks and will defend one of the 8 different castles that come with the game.

During your turn, you play alliance cards from your hand by paying the mana cost shown on them. This allows you to cast spells, and deploy allies or towers on the six lanes of the battlefield to prevent the monsters from breaking down your castle.
But defending is not enough, you will also have to attack against the minions who are out for the valuable cards in your deck, and you’ll have to destroy the gates to finally defeat the Outsiders which is how you win the game.
On the other hand, you lose the game when your deck is depleted or when the Horde manages to destroy your castle.

Skytear Horde is not the type of game we usually play but we definitely don’t regret trying this one out. It’s quick and fun with rules that are easy to grasp and very tactical gameplay, making the best out of your available cards and looking for good combos.

It’s a very tense puzzle, which can get very suspenseful especially when you see your deck getting close to being exhausted and the Outsider is the only thing that still stands in the way of your victory!

***We played Skytear Horde with a prototype copy of the game, so please note the final version may slightly differ from what you see in the photos***

Skytear Horde is now live on Kickstarter:

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