Goldenstar: The Galactic Tournament

Use the skills of your two challengers to fight your way to eternal glory!

2-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 60 minutes
Designer: Rafał Cywicki
Artwork: Bartek Repetowski

Publisher: Gindi

This game is now live on Gamefound:

Each player plays the game with a combination of 2 challengers, each one coming with a deck with unique skills, which they’ll use to perform actions.You’ll shuffle those cards together, and draw 3 to start the game with.
Over the course of the game, you’re travelling to arenas all around the galaxy, possibly gaining extra cards from the black market that will be added to your deck.
On your turn you perform 2 different actions with both of your challengers, this allows you to move them to adjacent locations and initiate battles with other players that occupy that location or fight for fans, two actions that will let you advance on the tracks of your player board to gain extra bonuses. If your current location still has a trophy, you can challenge the arena, and unless you move or had to retreat from a fight, you receive the trophy at the start of your next turn.
Once you’ve collected a number of trophies (depending on the game mode) you’re able to challenge All, and if you’re still at the same location at the start of your next turn your challenge is successful and you’ve proven yourself worthy of eternal glory and fame and win the game!

Goldenstar: The Galactic Tournament is a fast paced deck-building game that comes with tons of replayability, thanks to the different combinations of the challengers and their unique skills.
This prototype we received already looks amazing, with beautifully detailed miniatures and on top of that the artwork is really nice! In terms of gameplay, the asymmetric deckbuilding is really challenging with looking for the right combos and losing a battle doesn’t feel too harsh, which is definitely a good thing for us. If you’re still on the lookout for a fun deck-building game, have a look at this one!

Goldenstar: The Galactic Tournament is now live on Gamefound:

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