Getaway Driver

An asymmetric 2-player game in which one player, the getaway driver, is trying to make an escape from the city, before getting caught by the other player who takes up the role of the police.

2 players, ages 12+
Playing time: 30-45 minutes
Designer: Jeff Beck
Artwork: Ryan Goldsberry

Publisher: Uproarious Games

You set up the game simply by placing the stash tokens and the Start City tile with the Driver Car in the middle of the table, with a Patrol Car nearby.

Each round consists of the following phases:
The Police draws new tiles from the bag, and places them face down in front, to the left and to the right of the tile with the Driver.

The Driver may choose to study the road, by revealing a tile, and moving the Pursuit Meter one space to the right. When revealed tiles show a shield, the Police gains reinforcement tokens equal to the number shown. The Driver moves their car onto a tile in front, left or right of them, revealing it, with possibly Police vehicles pursuing them onto that tile. Some tiles will contain a Hazard token, and the driver must either discard a card with the matching icon to perform a Stunt, or return to their previous tile. Any Police vehicle pursuing the Driver onto a tile with a Hazard token will crash and return to the player.

Police vehicles that aren’t pursuing now may move one space, and if any of them share the location with the Driver Car, the Pursuit Meter advances, if not, it regresses. When during the game the Pursuit Meter reaches its final space, the Police wins the game immediately. The Police player ends their turn by spending reinforcement tokens to purchase upgrades like extra vehicles and barricades.

When the Police no longer can place new city tiles, they’re forced to place the Escape Town tile, and the Driver wins the game!

What I like the most about Getaway Driver is the asymmetry of the game and how each side plays completely differently. The theme really stands out, with the Driver being fast and reckless and the Police vehicles that have to work together to catch him. One minor point is the rulebook though, which was hard to get through for what’s fairly a simple game. Overall this is a very fun game for 2 players I highly recommend!

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