Space Craft

A bunch of mad scientists came to the city junkyard, rumbling through the trash while gathering pieces for their project. Join them and try to be the first one assembling a rocket to explore space!

2-4 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 30-60 minutes
Designer: Michał Gryń
Artwork: Piotr Sokołowski

Publisher: Granna

♟️ Players move their pawns across the junkyard to collect gears, tape, ropes and other trash on their player board, keeping in mind the weight can not exceed their limits. When they can’t carry anything extra, they leave the junkyard to build parts of the rocket with the collected junk determining which parts they can build.
🚀 When a player builds and adds parts to their rocket, they can fulfill up to two design cards, which award points for specific configuration of the rocket. If it’s not possible to fulfill a card, the player may reserve one for future turns.
🧑‍🚀 Play continues until one player meets the requirement of the starting blueprint, then the game end is triggered and every player still has 4 turns left to try and meet the requirement as well. At the end of the game, players receive points for their design cards and additional points if they meet the blueprint requirement.

🔸 The game comes with 2 game modes, each with their individual goal cards with increasing difficulty between the basic and the advanced game. Another difference lies in the design cards; instead of a common pool with players grabbing cards upon fulfillment, the advanced variant presents a row of eight design cards where players place tokens on when they fulfill them, and each player fulfilling the same card gets a smaller amount of points.

💭 Space Craft is an accessible family game that’s all about building the craziest rockets and fulfilling objectives.
The gameplay is very straightforward, as you’ll be on the search for the right junk, converting them to rocket parts, and hopefully fulfill one or two design cards while working toward the blueprint. There’s certainly a race feeling to it as the points for being the first one are worthwhile and can make the difference in the end.
👉 If you’re looking for a fun family game with an appealing theme, be sure to check out Space Craft!

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