Tiny Ninjas

You and your opponent play as senseis, using powerful ninjas to battle each other in this 2-player dueling game.

1-2 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 10 minutes
Designer: Ryan Leininger
Artists: Yela Gatchalian-David & Paola Tuazon

Publisher: 2niverse Games

Both players start the game with 5 cards in their hand and 10 health. Each round, players will alternate their roles being attacker and defender. The first player to eliminate their opponent’s health is the winner of the game.

The attacker plays a card to attack, using its ability or a die roll to determine its attack power, after which the defender may play a card to prevent any damage.

Each of the ninja cards show roll icons: these not only determine which die to roll when played but also their strength when a specific number or colour gets rolled.

The attacker may continue playing cards to attack, but keeping in mind only the defender will be allowed to replenish their hand to five cards before the next round, meaning the attacker only has their remaining cards to use for defence next round..

Tiny Ninjas is easy to set up and play, and very portable with a small magnetic box. Since you play the game in the box itself, it also seems perfect to take along when traveling or while sitting on a bench in the park while the kids are playing.

I think the production of the game is fantastic: the cardboard is very thick and both the custom dice and the artwork look beautiful.

This is a solid dueling game and thanks to the many different ninjas no game will play the same, there’s also a very good balance between luck and strategy which makes this for me a very fun game to play!

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