World Splitters

World Splitters is a game where players participate as factions vying for the biggest influence in recently created regions, presenting a challenge to divide and conquer the New World. Strategic thinking and careful planning are crucial in this game, where players must navigate intricate decision-making scenarios and balance immediate gains with long-term goals while anticipating their adversaries’ moves.

2-5 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 45-75 minutes
Designers: Romain Caterdjian & Tony Chen
Artwork: Gingerbread Dim

Publisher: EmperorS4

🗺️ At the start of the game, players select a map and place the scenery tiles in their designated positions. The four maps provide unique setups and specific green favor tiles, which offer different bonuses based on the selected map.

⚡ Then, players take turns placing fences to divide the area into various sizes for bonuses. The other players bid on the open spaces next to the fence, and the active player decides whether to take the coins the bidder is offering and let them put their explorer on the map or pay the same amount and take the spot themselves. This unique combination of auction and area control gameplay mechanics creates an exciting and dynamic experience that challenges players to think carefully about their moves.

🕵️‍♂️ Placing explorers on the map can lead to rewards in the form of red, yellow, or green favor tiles, which grant immediate bonuses and score points at the end of the game. When a fence closes a region, scoring occurs, with the player with the most and second most explorers in the enclosure rewarded. The player who placed the fence there can also score a red, yellow, or green bonus tile for that enclosure size if it’s still available.

🚪 The game’s end is triggered when eight enclosures are made, at which point players score points for sets of three different colors of bonus tiles and favor tiles. Regions that are still open are also scored. With its elegant mechanics and beautiful design, World Splitters offers considerable replayability value, ensuring it remains engaging even after multiple playthroughs.

One minor drawback is that the game may feel fiddly at times, especially when placing fences or picking up tiles from the map.

💭 In conclusion, World Splitters is a fresh and exciting addition to the area control genre. With its unique combination of auction and area control gameplay mechanics, the game offers a dynamic and challenging experience that rewards strategic thinking and careful planning. Although it can be a bit fiddly to manage, the overall appeal and high replayability value make it a must-try for anyone who enjoys a well-designed and innovative area control game.

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