Ynaros Fallin’

Step into a mystical and enchanting world where you must pit your wits and skills against other Shamans to prove your worth as the most skilled and powerful of them all. The game, Ynaros Fallin’, offers players a thrilling and immersive gameplay experience, featuring a world of magic, mysticism, and strategy.

1-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 45-60 minutes
Designers: Luca Sanfilippo & Ugo Tomasello
Artwork: Swan Keller

Publisher: Peekwik Dreams

🧙‍♂️ With three difficulty levels to choose from and the option to play solo, with two players, or two vs. two, Ynaros Fallin’ offers something for players of all skill levels. The goal of the game is to have the most experience points or to have your opponent surrender by fully depleting their vital crystals or characters, thus becoming the most powerful Shaman.

🔮 Gameplay revolves around four types of actions: draw, play, move, and control. On your turn, you can perform two actions of your choice or repeat one action twice. The Fate phase is commonly initiated when you move or control characters and land on designated spaces on the board or with an opponent’s character. This phase presents various options, including activating Mystical Source Tiles and discovering Magic Lands, conquering Magic Lands, engaging in a Magic Battle, or evoking a new Character.

🌋 In the Cantrips phase, you can choose to perform Harness to get bonuses from Red Lands you control and decrease their energy, or Focus to move up to 3 Magic Crystals to the Conversion Area.

🏰 A Magic Battle happens when two characters meet on the same hex or Magic Land. Players can use resources like cards and Magic Crystals to generate Magic Energy, which allows them to either damage their opponent’s Magical Energy or recover their own.

💭 Ynaros Fallin’ boasts bright and colorful artwork that immediately captures your attention and draws you into the magical world of the game. The game’s mechanics are accessible yet offer plenty of strategic depth, thanks to the three difficulty levels that provide replayability and make the game accessible to players of all skill levels. The Magic Battle mechanism, unique to the game, is incredibly thrilling and provides a sense of excitement and tension as players use their resources to generate Magic Energy and damage their opponent’s Magical Energy.

💬 In summary, with its colorful artwork, accessible mechanics, and unique battle mechanism, Ynaros Fallin’ is a game that is both visually stunning and incredibly engaging!

Disclaimer: We had the opportunity to play a prototype version of the game, and we extend our gratitude to the publisher, Peekwik Dreams, for the opportunity.

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