Welcome to the Renaissance! In Tiletum, players take on the role of wealthy merchants traveling through Europe, building trade posts and investing in the construction of great cathedrals. You’ll have to gain the favor of noble families and attend fairs to increase your influence and prestige. Will you become the richest merchant?

1-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 60-100 minutes
Designers: Simone Luciani & Daniele Tascini
Artwork: Giorgio De Michele & Zbigniew Umgelter

Publisher: Board & Dice

🔹 A game of Tiletum consists of 4 game rounds, where players will be drafting dice from the action wheel to gain resources and perform actions. There’s a simple but clever mechanism with the dice value determining both the number of resources you collect and your action strength: the more resources, the less action points you get.

🔹 While the type of goods you’ll receive is determined by the color of the chosen dice, the location of the dice, which corresponds to its value, determines which of the 5 possible actions you take.
These actions allow you to build your engine and work towards the fairs, intermediate scorings that will happen at the end of each round. The game comes with 11 fair tiles of which 4 will be placed in a random order each game, as well as the cities where those fairs take place and you’ll have to have presence are variable, which means that you will have to pursue different goals each game.

🔹 After the last fair players receive additional points for their houses and pillars they managed to place on the board, and for the number of completed buildings on their player boards. Whoever scored the most points is declared the most famous merchant of the Renaissance!

💭 In terms of rules, Tiletum is one of the less complex games in @boardanddice’s T-series, but there’s certainly plenty of crunchy decision-making. For me the game feels more like the other games by the designer duo Luciani & Tascini, like for example The Voyages of Marco Polo and Tzolk’in, with few little rules to forget in a very streamlined design.
👉 Each play is different and players must adapt their strategy to the fairs, where a great amount of points can be earned.
⭐️ Tiletum is currently a good contender for becoming my favorite game of the year! ⭐️

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