World Exchangers

The year is 2082 and the world is now the playground of 4 notorious oligarchs. From time to time they meet to redistribute their properties and sell the largest cities in the world to each other, all to maximize their fortunes.

2-4 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 20-40 minutes
Designers: Romain Caterdjian & Smoox Chen
Artwork: Gingerbread Dim

Publisher: EmperorS4

📊 In World Exchangers, each player takes on the role of such an oligarch, buying and selling cities at the right time to gain the most profits and other rewards.
In each of the 12 rounds of play, you buy a city card from the current supply, or sell one from those in front of you.
From each transaction, the money you pay or receive is tracked on a chart. Thus, as the game progresses, you will develop your own chart that will sometimes cross certain symbols, and these symbols, along with the cash you end the game with, will eventually determine your score.

💬 As you draw your own chart during the game, at first glance it is somewhat reminiscent of a roll & write game, but nothing could be further from the truth. World Exchangers is actually a set collection game executed in a very original way. The symbols you collect during the game are going to determine how much each of your cities are worth at the end of the game, along with the evaluations done during the game, the value of your cities and your propaganda ranking.

💭 World Exchangers comes with rules that are easy to teach, quick turns and smooth gameplay that will keep you engaged while playing. The game plays in under half an hour which makes it perfect as a filler, or even as a game to end game night with. While World Exchangers is not particularly deep in terms of strategy or tactics, it does have a unique execution that we have not seen before in any other game, and most of all, it is a lot of fun to play!

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