Istanbul: Choose & Write

💎 Istanbul: Choose & Write 💎 is the latest game from Pegasus Spiele based on the modern classic Istanbul by Rüdiger Dorn. In this reimplementation, players are still merchants who aim to gather goods and lira, then trade them for the coveted rubies. However, instead of a shared set of locations, each player has a personal bazaar sheet to mark their choices.

1-5 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 30-45 minutes
Designer: Rüdiger Dorn
Artwork: Andreas Resch

Publisher: Pegasus Spiele

🌆 To play Istanbul: Choose & Write, players must select either a Location card or a Guild card on their turn. Location cards enable all merchants to perform a particular action, while Guild cards have more powerful effects but are expensive. Familiar locations from the original Istanbul, such as the Large Market and the Gemstone Dealer, are included in the game.

📝 One of the significant aspects of Istanbul: Choose & Write is its accessibility. Even though it has simple rules, players will find themselves faced with a myriad of strategic choices. Whether it’s deciding which Location or Guild card to play or determining the optimal path to acquire the most rubies, there are always plenty of decisions to make.
📝 Another advantage of Istanbul: Choose & Write is its fast-paced gameplay. As the game is played simultaneously, there’s no waiting for other players to finish their turns, and downtime is minimal.

💰 While Istanbul: Choose & Write may not offer the same depth and complexity as the original Istanbul game, it still provides an enjoyable experience. Players looking for a game that is easy to learn, portable, and only takes up a little table space will find that Istanbul: Choose & Write is an excellent choice. That said, if players want the whole Istanbul experience, they may be better off sticking with the original game.

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