Bagh Chal

BAGH CHAL is a 2-player abstract game, originally from Nepal and now on the brink of extinction! The folks at Lemery Games are bringing the game to Kickstarter in an effort to raise awareness and save this ancient game for future generations. What’s special about this campaign is that there’s only 1 pledge level: you can pay what you want to get yourself a copy of the game.

BAGH CHAL has an asymmetric setup: one player controls 4 tigers, the other one 20 goats. The game starts with the 4 tigers on the board. In turn, the goat player places one piece on the board, wherever they want, while the tiger player moves a piece to an adjacent connected space. Tigers can capture goats by jumping over it to an open space on the opposite side.
Once all goats are on the board, the players take turns moving one of their pieces one space. Tigers can still capture goats, while tigers can get trapped when they have no legal moves available.
The tigers win if they capture 5 goats, while the goats win when the tigers are all trapped; they are unable to move or jump.

BAGH CHAL comes in a travel-sized satin pouch with a double-sided microfiber playmat for 2 game modes: you can play the classic game on the valley side or the Puli Meka variant on the mountain side.
The game only takes a minute to explain and just like many other abstract games, it’s easy to learn but hard to master: what seems very simple at first glance harbors a lot of strategy that reveals itself after several plays.

This is a campaign with a noble goal and I’m happy to be able to highlight it. I sincerely hope that this project makes the game widely known to the general public, it really deserves it! Check the game on Kickstarter here:

Highly recommended if you love to play abstract games or want to save this wonderful game from extinction.

More information:

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