Moving in together is a big step, not only you have to agree about the practical arrangements but there also has to be a consensus about the decorations. Do you find the golden mean?

2-4 players, ages 13+
Playing time: 30-45 minutes
Designers: Charlie Mackin, Harry Mackin & Drew Tenenbaum
Artwork: Michael Mateyko

Publisher: Floodgate Games

🖼️ In Décorum players work together to decorate their house so it fits everybody’s needs. Every game starts by picking a scenario. Depending on the number of players and the scenario, each player gets a series of conditions that the final decoration should meet. These conditions are kept secret for the other players, and each turn the players should modify something in the house to work towards their goals. They can add, remove or swap a decoration, paint the walls in a different color or pass when their goals are met. The other players then continue to express their feelings about the change: they hate it, love it or don’t care, depending on their own objectives.
🛋️ Three to five times during the game, depending on the number of players, each player can tell one of their objectives to another player. In a three to four player game, this is done by little cards so no other player hears the info. Now when changing the decorations, the players can take the new info into account.
🤝 When every player announces they are finished, the game ends and the score is determined by how many tasks the team fulfilled and how many times they have shared information.

💭 Décorum is a nice puzzle game to test how well you can cooperate. There is no point in being stubborn and keep changing the same thing over and over when another player needs that specific item. There’s always a way to work around these problems as the cards come specifically combined in envelopes and are certainly solvable. We had great fun playing and if you enjoy logic puzzles yourself, we can highly recommend Décorum to you!

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