DUOS by Granna is a new party/family game that will see its international release soon at Spiel in Essen. The publisher has been kind to send us the game to try out prior to the event, allowing us to introduce it to you.

2-6 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 20 minutes
Designers: Niklas Gestrin & Markus Tångring
Artwork: Beata Batorska

Publisher: Granna

DUOS comes in two different versions, i.e. Sports & Fairy Tales and Things & Animals, both with identical gameplay and 100+ unique double-sided cards which are different depending on the version.

The game has rules that are easy for anyone to learn, where the aim is to get into the minds of your fellow players and the player who can best assess his opponents will become the winner.

Over the course of the game, players take turns as the narrator. During the first phase, players secretly make four combinations of two cards from the 12 cards presented at the center of the table. Their goal is to match as many pairs with the pairs of the narrator as possible as they will score points for this.
After revealing their pairs in phase two, the narrator tells the other players the reasoning behind their combinations and players score points depending on the number of matching pairs per player. The game goes on until every player has been the narrator twice, with the player who collected the most points being the winner.

We think DUOS is a quick game that’s quick to set up and literally explained in a couple of minutes, perfect to play when meeting friends or family and everybody will have a great time. We can easily see DUOS picking up a nomination for the next ‘Spiel des Jahres’-award. 

Trying to match your co-players’ thoughts in this game can be really fun, especially when surprising combinations pop up and when hearing the reasoning behind it. 

If you’re heading to Spiel and are looking for a fun relaxing game to play, then make sure to head over to Granna’s booth to try out DUOS!

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