The sun is shining and there’s a steady breeze, so it’s the perfect weather to go out and fly our new kites! One by one, the kites go up… The only question is: how long can we keep them in the air?

2-6 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 10 minutes
Designer: Kevin Hamano
Artwork: Beth Sobel

Publisher: Floodgate Games

🔵 Kites is a game of working together to keep five colored kite sand timers, with each a different length of time, and a white game timer running.
🟠 On their turn, players play a card and turn over the sand timers of the kites depicted on the card, and draw a new card. Their goal is to keep all sand timers running until the card deck is depleted. At that moment, the white game timer can’t be turned over anymore and the grand finale begins. Players have until the white timer runs out of sand to play the cards that they still hold in hand.
🟡 Whenever any timer runs out, the game is finished and the scores are based on the amount of cards players have left in their hand and in the draw pile.
🔴 When after some practice the team manages to finish the game with no cards left, the challenge cards come into play. These make the game harder with events such as a storm, tangled lines or low flying airplanes messing up the dynamics of the sand timers.

💭 Kites is a quick cooperative real-time game that comes with an accessible ruleset and georgeous artwork. But a game of Kites certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds. The rules are pretty simple, you play a card and turn the timer, but you’ll need to take in account that the timers all have a different duration. The difficulty in the game is to find the perfect moment to flip certain timers, and this definitely ensures for a lot of stressful and challenging situations!
👉 For players who find the game too hard, there’s also an easier mode with two timers less and the cards with these two symbols removed from the deck.

Highly recommended if you love playing real-time games, or if you’re looking for a fast fun game to play with your non-gamer friends!

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