From Oneironauts it’s known they can dive into their own dreams and with some elixirs they are able to control them. Diving into dreams is done in teams who communicate through signs, like scuba diving, and now the final exam for open dream diver is coming up and the candidate divers need to collect 15 dreamsheep to pass.

2-6 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 30 minutes
Designer: Oleksandr Nevskiy
Artwork: Kryvonos Dmitriy & M81 Studio

Publisher: IGAMES

🔸 During several rounds a team of divers needs to collect the sheep before the elixir runs out.
🔸 In each round the group will be given a word and each player will play a card from their hand that, in their opinion, matches the given word. All the cards are placed face down and shuffled with a random card that’s added from the draw deck and layed open for everyone to see.
Without talking, on the count of three all players have to point to the card they think is the card added from the deck.
🔸 Now every player identifies their own card and they count the number of votes the random card got. The players find as many sheep as the number of votes on the card. The word card is moved to the elixir track to show that the elixir is used unless the players were in complete agreement on the random card, in which case the dream dive was perfect and the card is discarded leaving the players with more elixir to start the new dive.

💭 Oneironauts is an accessible cooperative family/party game that’s easy to teach, allowing everyone to play along smoothly. As such, it’s perfect for playing on a quiet afternoon with family or when meeting with friends.
The game comes with large cards that are beautifully illustrated and the comparison to Dixit, aside from Oneironauts playing cooperatively, is never far off. It is therefore obvious that if you like playing Dixit, you will also like this one a lot.

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