The Fog: Escape from Paradise

A mysterious and dense fog takes over the island, and people swallowed by it are never seen again.
The Fog: Escape from Paradise is launching on Kickstarter on August 30th:

1-6 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 45-120 minutes
Designer: Robert Müller-Reinwarth
Artwork: Unique Litani Soparie

Publisher: Xollox Games

In ‘The Fog: Escape from Paradise’, players are going to try and bring their tribe members who gathered on the beach to the boats waiting at the shoreline. Because the beach is packed with people and debris, movement is not that easy and it takes movement points to run, push or swap with people, squeeze between or climb over scrubs, tree trunks or rocks.
When the fog hits the shore, the boats leave the island and points are scored. Players get points for the order of arrival and the place in the boats they managed to take in the boats and whether the color of the tribe members match the boat. Tribe Members who were left on the beach and were swallowed by the fog give minus points depending on their distance from the boats.

We had the opportunity to play a prototype copy of this game and for us it was a pleasant surprise. At first sight it seemed to be pretty complex with all the different movement possibilities, but it took only a couple of turns to get familiar with these and the game played very quick and smooth further on.
The Fog is a tactical game that has an abstract feeling to it, with players being able to block opponents in the race to get to the boats in time. Over the course of the game, when the fog slowly rises and becomes a threat to your tribe members, the game gets really tense. The theme fits the gameplay in an excellent way, as you really want to get your people on the boats in time.
Overall we really enjoyed playing The Fog and if this sounds like a game that you may like, make sure to check the Kickstarter campaign which will launch later this month on August 30th!

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