Cartographers Heroes

As a cartographer, you’re tasked with creating a map of the western lands of Queen Gimnax’s realm. Unlike in the northern lands there aren’t only the wandering monsters that are dangerous, but there are also Dragul forces who don’t agree with the Queen’s expansion plans in the region.

1-100 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 30-45 minutes
Designers: Jordy Adan & John Brieger
Artwork: Jordy Adan, Davey Baker, John Brieger & Lucas Ribeiro

Publisher: Intrafin (English version by Thunderworks Games)

As in the first Cartographers game, players turn over one of the discovery cards and draw the depicted terrain type in the given shape. Most cards offer a choice of terrain or shape. For the placement of the shape, the players take into account the scoring cards that were revealed at the beginning of the game. After each season, a different combination of these four cards will be valued and players will want to work towards these goals.

Cartographers: Heroes comes with new cards, seasons with different time spans, new types of more complex ambushes and of course, heroes. In this game, the ambush cards have a continuous effect as long as the drawn ambush is not destroyed, which can be done by drawing a hero’s attack line across the ambush. If a player destroys all the monster fields of a particular ambush, the negative effect no longer applies to that player.

The Heroes are a nice addition to try and kill the monsters, but there is a bit of luck involved when it comes to getting the right cards at the right time. If the hero is drawn before the monster, your opponent will not draw the monster in the line of attack that your hero has.
Nevertheless Cartographers: Heroes brings a good variation and if you love playing the original you’ll definitely enjoy this one too!

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