Citytrip Brugge

In Citytrip Brugge, players take on the role of a tour guide, guiding tourists around the city. Plan your route through Bruges and visit the numerous sights, museums, souvenir shops and much more to give them the most memorable trip!

1-6 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 20 minutes
Design & Artwork: Christof Van Conkelberge

Publisher: Citytrip Games

Citytrip Brugge is a flip-and-write game: each round 2 action cards, each showing 3 actions, give you the opportunity to choose one of the 7 possible combinations, such as moving your group, visiting a theater, shopping, taking photos of sights and stopping at a place to eat. Each turn you select 2 of these, with the only condition that the actions are side by side on the cards.
Optionally you can rush your group to perform a third action, but since tourists don’t like to be rushed, the more you do this, the more minus points you will get at game end.
When the last 2 cards have been played the game ends, and you score points for each of the different categories of locations you visited. Some are worth more points and if you have not visited a certain type, you will get minus points. In addition, goal cards can give you bonus points during or at the end of the game.

We enjoyed Citytrip Brugge very much, especially as we know the city well. The player sheet depicts a realistic map of Bruges with all its sights in the right place, which makes it really feel like you are planning a city trip.
Apart from this unique theme, the game’s very easy to learn and plays in just 20 minutes. The scoring is varied, allowing you to try different strategies each game.
The game comes with extra info on the starting cards complete with QR code, linked to the site of the tourist center of Bruges. These cards determine your starting point on the map, and together with the hundreds of possible combinations of the action cards there’s tons of replayability. On top of that there are also a couple of variants in the box that allow you to play the game solo or in an advanced mode.
We really enjoyed visiting Bruges and its many sights in a playful way and for us this is easily one of the best flip & write games around!

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