In Hens, each player becomes a farmer trying to create a harmonious barnyard with
different hen breeds. Choose carefully which hens you place next to each other, because at the end of the game not every group will be scored!

1-4 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 15-20 minutes
Designer: Giampaolo Razzino
Artwork: Marco Salogni

Publisher: Little Rocket Games

Hens is now live on Kickstarter:

During the game players will be placing cards in front of them in a 4×3 grid. You start the game with 4 cards in hand, and the first thing you do during your turn is draw 2 new cards. These may come from the central drawing deck, or from the discard pile of any other player.
You now have 6 cards available to you, of which you place one in your barnyard, and another one on top of your discard pile. Pretty straightforward, don’t you think?

But here’s the catch: you may not freely place cards next to each other unless they are of the same breed. If you place cards of different colors next to each other, their value must be exactly 1 higher or lower than the previously played cards next to them. This makes what at first sight might seem a somewhat simple card game, quite a challenging and brain-teasing puzzle.

Once all players have filled their barnyard, the game ends and points are awarded: each egg in your largest contiguous group of 1 race is worth 1 point, and if your rooster is on another group you also get points for that group’s eggs. You get extra points for medals on your hens and completed goals, and the player with the most points is declared the best hens breeder!

Hens is a fun yet challenging puzzle, easy to learn and quick to play! We were quite surprised by the amount of depth and strategy this little card game brings to the table; I can highly recommend you to check out the Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/littlerocketgames/hens

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