Downtown Chase

Try to be the first player to eliminate Johnny the Quick but make sure to keep an eye out on your opponents, because you’re not the only one having personal issues with JTQ!

1-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 45-90 minutes
Designers: Janko Nišavić & Vukašin Nišavić
Artwork: Ivan Mijatović, Nenad Mirković & Dimitrije Pajtić

Publisher: Princeps Games

Downtown Chase is now live on Kickstarter:

Your goal is to eliminate Johnny the Quick (JTQ), a bad guy who’s in trouble with half of town and controlled by the game itself, but players will be able to influence his movements.
You start your turn by drawing up to 4 cards, these can come from the different decks and this way you collect weapons, locations or interaction cards.
On your turn you may play as many cards as you want, and move your character a number of steps up to the value shown on your player board. When you enter any of the locations, your movement ends and when there’s an opponent, a duel is initiated. You may also initiate a duel when passing through a field that’s occupied by an opponent. Depending on the player board, each player has a different amount of strength, stamina, health and special ability that can be used once per duel. Once the duel is finished, points are awarded and the loser is sent back to their Safe House.
When JTQ is on a location next to yours, you can try an assassination attempt: this attempt is tracked on an assassination chart: a mechanism that I hadn’t seen before in any game and that’s a refreshing combination of luck and strategy to resolve combat.
The player who manages to kill JTQ wins the game, and when no one was successful at the end of the 12th round, the player who collected the most points wins!

Downtown Chase is a semi-cooperative game that comes with beautiful miniatures and this is only the prototype so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what the game’s final look will be. My favourite part is definitely the way the assassination chart works, this is really unique and very tense!
Caught your interest? Downtown Chase is now live on Kickstarter!

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