A tense dueling game for two players!

Ages 10 and up
Playing time: 20-30 minutes
Designer: Carlo Bortolini
Artist: Miguel Coimbra

Publisher: 1 More Time Games

The game starts with a drafting phase, after which each player has four guilds, each with a unique power. Players shuffle their guilds’ decks together, and start the game by drawing a starting hand of 7 cards.
On their turn, players choose one of three possible actions:

– Play up to 3 cards onto their side of the rift: they must show the same number or the same symbol, and have to played in one or in three adjacent locations.

– Discard a card from their hand to activate up to three cards, showing the same number or the same symbol as the card discarded. Players can create combo’s this way to give damage or even destroy cards of their opponent to gain points.

– Draw back up to 7 cards and gain points for locations you control.

When a player reaches 12 points, the round gets finished and the most points wins.

Riftforce features very exciting gameplay, with the challenge already starting in setup when drafting four guilds and looking for possible combo’s in their abilities. The game comes with easy rules, with only one of three possible actions performed on your turn. Although every decision you make is an important one, and good timing is essential. Thanks to the 10 different guilds, every game will be a different optimization puzzle. After every play, I felt the urge to replay it immediately, thinking how I could play better. Can’t wait to play it again!

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