Wonder Book

Oniria is a beautiful paradise and home to the majestic Dragon civilization. However, the idyllic and peaceful world is in danger and they need you to help them, and the only entrance from our world to Oniria is an ancient book hidden in an abandoned tower: The Wonder Book. 1-4 players, ages 10+Playing time: 60-90Continue reading “Wonder Book”

Rapa Nui

Use your tribe members to sculpt, transport and erect Moai statues on Easter Island, and work yourself into the grace of the gods! 2-4 players, ages 10+Playing time: 45 minutesDesigners: Fabrice Besson & Guillaume MontiageArtist: Vincent Dutrait Publisher: Matagothttps://www.matagot.com/ Rapa Nui is a reimplementation of Giants, a game released in 2008. I haven’t played theContinue reading “Rapa Nui”


A tense dueling game for two players! Ages 10 and upPlaying time: 20-30 minutesDesigner: Carlo BortoliniArtist: Miguel Coimbra Publisher: 1 More Time Gameshttps://1moretimegames.com/ The game starts with a drafting phase, after which each player has four guilds, each with a unique power. Players shuffle their guilds’ decks together, and start the game by drawing aContinue reading “Riftforce”