SOS Dino

Four dino friends are playing around a lake, when suddenly the sky gets dark and the volcanoes on the island start to erupt. They have to get higher to protect themselves from the lava, but not before they’ve managed to retrieve their eggs from the nests.

1-4 players
25 minutes
Designers: Ludovic Maublanc & Théo Rivière
Artist: Mathieu Leyssenne

Publisher: LOKI

SOS Dino is a cooperative game, perfectly suited to play with kids, in which teamwork and anticipating for what might come next, are essential on your way to victory!

Players take turns drawing a danger tile from the bag and placing it on the island. Lava tiles are added to the already flowing lava of the corresponding volcano, and meteor tiles have to be placed onto their proper space on the board. Tiles also give you the possibility to move one of the dino’s, while other tiles will make you draw an extra tile, causing the lava to flow faster.

At a certain point the lava will be blocked and the volcano will explode, making the lava stream to every direction, making it harder for the dino’s to pass by. 

The game ends if no dino is left on lower grounds, this happens if they all reached the mountains, or if the lava killed the last dino. Points are scored based on how many dinos and eggs are rescued.

This game scores extremely well with our kids. As no one has their own dino, they have to discuss which dino to move or where to put the lava tiles when they have more possibilities, learning to cooperate in the meantime and dealing with the result of their actions if a dino gets closed in by lava.

They’re also a big fan of the theme and love the dino figurines, 3D volcanoes and mountains, those top notch components really make the game shine.

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