Kraken Attack

When sailing the seven seas looking for adventure and treasures, your pirate ship gets attacked by a kraken! You and your team will need to protect the ship and defeat the kraken Tootone before he sinks it to the bottom of the ocean! 1-4 players, ages 7+25 minutesDesigners: Antoine & Esteban BauzaArtwork: Betowers Publisher: LOKI reading “Kraken Attack”

Troll & Dragon

King Diamor loves treasures and is sending off his adventurers to search for a legendary cave full of gold and diamonds. The treasure hunters will have to avoid the troll that guards the Diamond Grotto and get into the Treasure Cave, but the gold nuggets are protected by a dragon. Who will be the adventurerContinue reading “Troll & Dragon”

SOS Dino

Four dino friends are playing around a lake, when suddenly the sky gets dark and the volcanoes on the island start to erupt. They have to get higher to protect themselves from the lava, but not before they’ve managed to retrieve their eggs from the nests. 1-4 players25 minutesDesigners: Ludovic Maublanc & Théo RivièreArtist: MathieuContinue reading “SOS Dino”