Zombie Teenz Evolution

While the kids in Zombie Kidz Evolution finally managed to close the gates of the school and the zombies retreated into the sewers below the city, the Teenz were busy finding a way to heal the zombies. They need 4 ingredients scattered around the city, and bring them back to their base in the school to prepare the cure.

2-4 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 20 minutes
Designer: Annick Lobet
Artwork: Nikao & Rémy Tornior

Publisher: Le Scorpion Masqué

During their turn, players roll the zombie die to determine which zombie horde will move from the sewers to the buildings containing the ingredient crates. After the zombie action, the player performs two of the following actions: move, attack a horde, pass a crate or accept one from a player in the adjacent area. Players must work together to get all four crates back to the school, and when they succeed before all four buildings are run over by the zombies, they win the game!

Zombie Teenz Evolution is a cooperative legacy style game that’s perfect to play with the family: it’s great for the kids but still interesting to play for adults, as the zombies can create damage pretty fast.
The game’s difficulty increases over the course of the campaign, as after each game you’re tracking your progress by placing new stickers on a track and when reaching specific points, you’re allowed to open up envelopes with new game elements. Those envelopes also make the game very addictive to play, the surprises add a lot of fun and result in the kids constantly requesting to play.
Zombie Teenz Evolution feels like a small step up in difficulty from Zombie Kidz and for me it’s slightly the better game of the 2. And in case you won’t get tired of playing, there’s even an option to combine both games into one!

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