Kraken Attack

When sailing the seven seas looking for adventure and treasures, your pirate ship gets attacked by a kraken! You and your team will need to protect the ship and defeat the kraken Tootone before he sinks it to the bottom of the ocean!

1-4 players, ages 7+
25 minutes
Designers: Antoine & Esteban Bauza
Artwork: Betowers

Publisher: LOKI

Every turn players roll the dice to determine which tentacles are coming closer to the ship, and then play a card showing sabers, pistols, canons, boots, hammers or pirate flags to protect or repair the ship. But beware, each time you use a card showing a ‘Funny Face’ you make the kraken more angry and it’ll come closer, unlocking extra dice, and every future dice roll more tentacles will move towards the ship. 

You’ll need to work together as a team to defend your ship, shooting at the tentacles to prevent them from tearing the ship to shreds. In the meantime the kraken closes in on you, and you’ll have to hit him 3 times before he manages to punch 4 holes in the ship.

Kraken Attack is a cooperative game, and comes with attractive components that definitely speak to the children’s imagination. The game is excellent to teach kids how to work together, but also to plan ahead for what might come on the next turn, looking for the right balance of making the tentacles retreat or repair the ship to prevent holes on the next attack. This is definitely a fun game for parents to play with their young kids, or for kids to play on their own, since it also comes with variants for very young players and even a solo mode!

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