Similo: Harry Potter

Similo: Harry Potter is a fantastic party game that we can’t get enough of! With cards featuring beloved characters like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, this version of Similo is perfect for Harry Potter fans.

2-8 players, ages 7+
Playing time: 10-15 minutes
Designers: Martino Chiacchiera, Hjalmar Hach & Pierluca Zizzi

Publisher: Horrible Guild

⚡ In Similo, players work together to find a specific card in a 3×4 grid. The game is played over five rounds, with one player acting as the storyteller. The storyteller draws a card from the deck, remembers it, and shuffles it with 11 other cards to form the grid. The other players then try to guess which card the storyteller is thinking of based on the hints they give.

🔮 The hints are given in complete silence, and the storyteller must communicate by laying out cards. If a card is placed vertically, it means there is something in common with the card the players are looking for. If it’s placed horizontally, it means the card has nothing to do with the target card. The hints can relate to various aspects of the Harry Potter universe, such as the color of the background, items shown on the card, male/female characters, and magical creatures like unicorns and dragons.

Similo is a game that’s easy to learn, making it perfect to play with a group that isn’t used to playing games. It’s a fun and engaging experience to try to guess which card the storyteller is thinking of, and the Harry Potter theme adds an extra layer of excitement for fans of the series.

💭 We think Similo: Harry Potter is one of the best party games around, and since we’re big fans of the wizarding world, the theme is a perfect fit for us. It’s a great game to play with friends and family, and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun game to add to their collection.

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