The Great Split

The most exclusive gala evening of the year is about to begin! The most famous luxury collectors have gathered to exchange priceless artifacts, valuable tomes and precious stones to build the best collection of all!

2-7 players, age 8+
Playing time: 45 minutes
Designers: Hjalmar Hach & Lorenzo Silva
Artwork: Weberson Santiago

Publisher: Horrible Guild

🔹 The game is played in six rounds in which players use the split card in their wallet to divide the cards in their hand into two groups. Players then give the wallet containing the cards to their left neighbor, who takes out one of these two groups and returns the other one. Knowing this, the player dividing the cards will have to estimate which cards his opponent wants and take that into account when splitting, hoping to get back the cards they themselves want.

🔹 The cards show various luxury items such as gems, tomes, statues and coins that players can collect on the various tracks. Other symbols on the cards are points and seals, which increase the value of each item on the other tracks.

🔹 After six rounds, players multiply the values of the seal marks by the amount of items of their kind and add those to their score. From now on, the player who scored the most will be called the collector with the most prestigious collection!

💭 The Great Split is an accessible and straightforward game which combines card drafting with the ‘I split, you choose’-mechanism. It’s a game in which players must be capable of estimating their opponents, and split the cards depending on the type of artifact you and your opponents are working on.
🔸 Gameplay feels rather abstract since apart from splitting and drafting, it mostly consists of moving forward on the different tracks. It didn’t really bother us, as a solid game is presented, but the theme really feels pasted on.
🔸 The components are very nice, with a clever way of drafting with the wallets into which the players tuck their cards, and the double-layered boards are top notch. The game plays very smoothly, since the players are playing simultaneously there’s little downtime.

👉 All together, The Great Split is a fun game with a fresh mix of mechanisms that we’re always excited to play!

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