Recently we finally played our copy of Stefan Feld’s Marrakesh. We’re huge fans of Feld games, and this one didn’t disappoint – it’s a really fun game to play.

2-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 120 minutes
Designer: Stefan Feld

Publisher: Queen Games

💬 The game is played in three rounds, each consisting of four turns. Players have Keshi’s of 12 different colors behind their player screen at the beginning of each round. Each turn begins with players secretly choosing 3 of those Keshi’s, revealing them and placing their assistants on the matching colored spots on their player boards. Then all Keshi’s are collected and thrown into the cube tower.
⭕️ From the Keshi’s that have fallen out of the tower, players take turns drafting one or two of the same color and place them on the corresponding spots on their player boards, which will enhance future actions they take.
🔘 Finally they activate the regions where they placed their assistants, where often the number of Keshi’s in the region determines the strength of your action.
👉 This makes the game start off rather slow, but over the course of the game you’re able to do more powerful actions as you’re collecting more Keshi’s.

🔹 The game is on the heavier side of Feld’s designs, and it easily takes 2+ hours to play. There’s certainly a lot happening and a lot of different things to do, and since you can’t do everything you want, you have to focus on a few things. This makes it a bit of a puzzle to figure out what’s important to do on any given turn.

💭 Overall, we really enjoyed playing the game and found it quite challenging as well. One thing is for sure: this is another solid design by Stefan Feld!

On a final note, the components are certainly ok, but they are definitely not worth the high price tag that Queen Games has attached to the game.

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