Take on the role of demigods and manipulate a shared world by shifting lands, creating mountains and erupting volcanoes. Use your followers to build sacred places and gain wisdom to ultimately become the most glorious demigod of them all!

1-4 players, ages 14+
Playing time: 60-120 minutes
Design & Artwork: Brandt Brinkerhoff

Publisher: Lucky Duck Games

🔸 Over the course of the game, you’ll move followers on your player mat from their spot to a free spot to perform actions. Not only the action you want to perform is relevant, also the action you pick the follower from has to be chosen carefully as this spot will now become available for your next action.

🔸 Actions allow you to shift a row or move a tile set on the map, erupt volcanoes or journey your followers across the land. You can also send followers to study, which along with building sacred sites is the way to increase your wisdom and make the actions on your player mat stronger.

🔸 Each turn you’ll perform up to three of those actions, which means you can do a fair amount of things during your turn. On the other hand, it’s difficult to start planning in advance, as the map may look completely different by the time it’s your turn. It all comes down to being flexible and, above all, being able to read the map well to spot your opportunities.

🔸 As you gain wisdom, you can choose to make your actions stronger, but you can also opt to make your sacred sites more valuable. The timing of shifting your focus during the game can make the difference for victory!

🔹 When playing with 2, an automa must be added, because the game requires at least 3 active demigods on the map. If you play solo, you’ll need to manage 2 automas. I always prefer to play Oros with 3 or 4 player count because handling automas or bots is not my cup of tea.

💭 We found Oros to be a very tactical game, with lots of interaction. The replayability is immense, there are many alternate setups and you can focus on different powers every play. All this gives Oros a rather unique feel that I can’t compare to any other game!

👉 Oros will be released in late January, and as of a few days ago the game is available for preorder on the Lucky Duck Games website: https://luckyduckgames.com/en/games/338-oros

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