The empire has been struck by the plague! As leaders of the great houses, it’s up to you and your opponents to take up your responsibility and do what you can to restore it to former glory!

1-5 players, ages 13+
Playing time: 60-150 minutes
Designers: Thomas Nielsen & Kai Starck
Artwork: Daniel Cunha & Sara Stanoeska

Publisher: Archona Games

Pest is now live on Kickstarter:

🔸 A game of Pest is played over the course of 3 eras, each divided into 2 rounds.
🔹 At the start of each round, pest and aid cards are revealed; these determine where the plague strikes and which support players receive.

🔹 Then players take turns performing actions. You move your plague doctor to the various locations, gathering sick people and placing them in quarantine. You construct buildings from your player board to repair fallen cities and gain influence, heal sick people and put healthy people to work, so that when you produce, you obtain resources from those buildings. You can send diplomats to the capital and research new technologies that will help you deal with the plague.

🔹 At the end of each era, you get points depending on how well you executed the empire’s agenda, and at the end of the last era, the player with the most points is declared the empire’s new hero!

💬 Pest is a medium-heavy eurogame that’s designed by Thomas Nielsen and Kai Starck, and published by Archona Games. The game combines several mechanisms such as action selection, resource management and engine building, and takes about 2 hours to play.

💭 The meat of the game is in the action selection mechanism, where you have to place a worker in one of the 9 grid spaces, to perform a combination of 2 actions. Each spot can only be used once per round, so you’ll need to plan carefully!

👉 Managing your sick people is also crucial, as some quarantine spots on your player board hinder your actions and make them weaker. You need to heal people and make them work in buildings or send them to the capital as diplomats to receive bonuses. At the end of the game, you get points for your healthy population, so you have to weigh whether you want to employ them or keep them for points.

💭 Overall we really enjoyed playing Pest and the many tough decisions it comes with, if you love euro-style games I can recommend you to check out the game on Kickstarter:

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