Qwixx – 10 Year Limited Edition

I’m pretty sure that for most of you, Qwixx is a game that no longer needs an introduction. This classic roll & write game with simple rules is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and a limited edition has been released for the occasion!

2-4 players, age: 8+
Playing time: 15 minutes
Designer: Steffen Benndorf
Artwork: Oliver Freudenreich

Publisher: Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag

🎲 This 10 Year Anniversary Edition comes with dry erase boards and dice for both regular Qwixx and Qwixx Longo. Additionally they added two of the expansions, Qwixx Bonus and Qwixx Mixx with dry erase boards as well.

🎲 On top of the new edition, there’s also a new expansion being released. Qwixx Double comes with two scoring blocks with new extra rules to add to the basic version.
🔹 While the A-variant gives players the opportunity to cross off the last crossed number again and thus counting the X on the number double, the B-variant shows numbers that are pictured twice on the tracks and where the player puts two X’s when they cross off the number, thus counting the X double.
👉 The consideration of whether to skip the double numbers or wait to cross them off can determine whether to win or lose the game!

🔸 Qwixx remains one of our most played games and for good reason! These new variants ensure that the game never gets boring for us, and since the rules are always very easy to learn, we play it practically with everyone!

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