The Border

We’re pretty big fans of the roll & write-games that NSV has brought us over the past years, such as Qwixx or more recently Splitter, so I was pleasantly surprised when a parcel with their latest ‘The Border’ suddenly arrived. It was an even bigger surprise when I saw that the game is co-designed byContinue reading “The Border”


Many roll & write games are popping up these days, but if there’s one publisher who has a proven track record for me with this type of game, it’s definitely NSV. Two of their earlier releases, Qwixx and Silver & Gold, are games that I count among my favourites in this genre, so when theyContinue reading “Splitter”


2-6 players, ages 8+5 minutesDesigner: Moritz DresslerArtist: Christian Opperer Publisher: Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag Have you heard of the ‘Minnys’ by NSV? It’s a range of roll-and-write games, very portable as they come in a small paper pouch with only a die, pencil and game pad, so they’re excellent to play when travelling, or on a bench inContinue reading “The ‘MINNYS’ by NSV”