Rush Out!

When adventurers enter an underground maze and thereby enter the territory of a powerful sorcerer, they are hunted by him. The only way to survive is to escape from the maze and try to avoid the terrible spells the wizard casts on them!

3-5 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 20-30 minutes
Designer: Thomas Dupont
Artwork: Alexandre Bonvalot

Publisher: Sit Down!

In Rush Out!, one player takes up the role of the sorcerer, while the others are the adventurers trying to rush out to the exit.

Each team gets a deck of cards:
The sorcerer has spells to confuse or curse the adventurers and is able to summon dragons or other creatures
The adventurers on their hand will need to work themselves through a deck of ordeal cards facing things like giant spiders, thorny branches, traps and monsters.

Cards can be completed by rolling the correct symbols and placing them on the card, with the restrictions that players only can work on one card at the same time. Some cards will, when completed, be added to the opposing team’s deck to slow them down.

Every die also has a wild ‘star’ symbol, which has a different meaning for each player. Every hero character card will depict one symbol that equals the star symbol for this hero. The sorcerer’s star value will depend on the cards that are open on the board. On both team’s cards there are sorcerer’s symbols in a banner on the side of the cards and as long as this banner is open on the board, the sorcerer can use these as a wild symbol.

The team whose deck is exhausted first has won the round and two rounds won will determine the game.

Rush Out is a dice driven scenario game, meaning every game you play will add an extra type of spell for the sorcerer and extra ordeal cards for the heroes, all depending on the scenario you will play. After the starting signal, the dice rolling rush starts to finish your deck before the other team. Communication between the heroes is the key to escape the sorcerer’s maze.

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