Click! The Great Wall

Find the best compositions for your pictures to bring home a nice souvenir from your trip to the Great Wall of China!

2-4 players, ages 8+
Playing time: 30 minutes
Designer: Vicky Trouerbach
Artwork: Gustavo Furstenau

Publisher: Jolly Dutch

πŸ“· During a game of Click!, players pick wall cards from the face up display and add it left or right to the existing wall. These wall cards are showing objects and people such as giant pandas, pagodas, kites, geishas, dragons or market stalls.
πŸͺ Public and personal composition cards give the players an idea of which combinations they want on their photos, scoring points when they manage to shoot the picture. But they have to be quick enough, as the opponents are trying to take photos too and when they manage to shoot a combination, they remove the needed cards from the wall, possibly ruining the perfect shot of another player.
πŸ›Ί Not only the other players are messing up the perfect view, but there are also tourists in rickshaws, who are being pulled around and stop right in front of the player’s photo.
πŸ“Έ When the last public composition card is photographed, the game ends and players count the points on their fulfilled composition cards. The one with the most points is the best photographer!

πŸ’­ It’s always surprising how a small card game can hold so much fun. Trying to manipulate the cards to form your perfect picture and score it before your opponent takes cards away, proved to be a lot more difficult than imagined. There is a lot of interaction, keeping an eye on what other players do and trying to prevent the other scoring while you score your own photo.

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