Lucia, based on a Scandinavian tradition that’s every year celebrated on December 13th, is a solo and cooperative game that plays quickly in just 15 minutes. Demonic Games is launching a Kickstarter campaign for this game on October 4th which can be found here:

1-6 players, ages 5+
Playing time: 15 minutes
Design & artwork: Kristian Karlberg

Publisher: Demonic Games

In Lucia players work together to get the children on a train in the right order. The starboys need to be brought to the back and Lucia wants to be in the front, while she starts the game off at the back. By playing cards from their hands, players move the cards in the row, light the candles of the handmaidens and the wands of the starboys with the tomtens lights. But they need to be careful in what order to play the cards, because moving the gingerbreads over a lighted candle will extinguish the light.
When players succeed to place Lucia in front of the train and the starboys in the back with all candles lit before all cards are played, they win the game.

Lucia is a cooperative/solo game that comes with very easy rules that can be learned in just a couple of minutes. But that doesn’t mean the game’s simple to play well, as getting all kids in the right place with their candles lit isn’t such an easy task.
When playing cooperatively, players will collaborate and consult very well with each other in order to have any chance of bringing the game to a successful ending.
It’s the straightforward rules combined with the challenging gameplay that makes Lucia has been coming back to the table these last few weeks. We primarily play the game together with our kids, so a total of 5 players, as we believe this game is just perfect to teach them how to work together and learn to plan ahead. They actually keep on asking to play over and over again, and don’t want to stop until we bring the game to a successful conclusion.

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