Trekking Through History

Step into the time machine for a journey through history! In Trekking Through History, players embark on a three-day journey that takes them past the greatest moments of the past thousands of years!

2-4 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 30-60 minutes
Designer: Charlie Bink
Artwork: Eric Hibbeler

Publisher: Underdog Games

The game is played in three rounds with 12 hours on the clock, and each turn players will spend time depending on the event they choose to visit. The player last on the clock can choose first what year they want to visit and then log it in their trek; this is listing that needs to be ordered in chronological order from oldest to youngest and when visiting an older year, they need to finish their trek and start a new one. Time crystals can reduce the time spent in a specific year, helping to do more visits during the 12 hour window. Every year gives the player experiences which they log on their player mat, covering bonuses such as points and time crystals.
When all players have reached 12 hours on the clock, their day is finished, a new day is dawning and a new deck of cards is displayed.
After three days, final scores are calculated. Players get the points they scored during the game, points per trek depending on the amount of cards it consists of and for their leftover crystals.

Trekking Through History is easy to learn and quick to play. The game comes with high quality components, a neat Gametrayz insert and beautifully illustrated cards, the quality certainly is top notch.
The gameplay’s pretty light but still provides enough decisions to keep things interesting over the course of the game: you must always make the decision whether you’re really going to make your trek as long as possible, or choose the experiences you really need to score points on your player mat.
When wandering through history, every card you encounter doesn’t only provide a very nice drawing of the theme of that year but also a detailed description of the events it shows on the back for the players interested, which is a nice extra.

Purchase your copy of Trekking Through History here:

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