Moku Tower: The Endless Column

Moku Tower is a dexterity game in which players compete to build and balance towers with gorgeous looking wooden rocks. This new version, The Endless Column, relies on the same principle as its predecessor, but the added mechanisms allow for more interaction between players.

2-6 players, ages 7+
Playing time: 20-30 minutes
Designer: Louis Hsu

Publisher: Mokuomo

Launching on Kickstarter today:

What’s the main difference between this and the original Moku Tower is that now 3 players will receive a different role at the start of each round: one dark and one pale stacker, who each have to build on their own column, and another player will be the invader.
Every round, the dark stacker draws a mission card which depicts the goal for the current round for both stackers. When they start to build, the third player, the invader, will roll 2 dice and when he manages to roll 2 identical icons he can perform an action; either catapult a tower with a die, draw a new challenge card or immediately end the round.
On challenge cards, there is an additional requirement that stackers must fulfill to get extra points.
The round is won by the stacker who has completed the mission or by the invader when they have rolled the same icon on both dice 2 times in a row. The winner receives all cards and gains the points depicted on them.
The game continues with the roles rotating between players until one of them has reached 20 points and wins the game.

We already loved playing the original Moku Tower game but the additions in The Endless Column bring the gameplay to a new level. The roles add a lot more variety and interaction to the game. Stacking isn’t the only thing that’s important anymore, now your reaction speed is also put to the test because the other stacker can steal a rock when it falls and you also have to roll dice pretty fast as the invader.
On top of that it isn’t only fun to play, but can also be hilarious to watch. And when you aren’t playing the game can serve a purpose by using it as a piece of home decoration, as the high quality wooden rocks are simply stunning.

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