Gather your companions around you and try to collect enough shards of light to dispel the darkness and bring back the colors in the world!

2-4 players, ages 10+
Playing time: 45 minutes
Designer: Cédrick Chaboussit
Artwork: Ben Basso & Vincent Dutrait

Publisher: Bombyx

Each of the eight rounds represents a day. Each morning, players recruit a new companion and receive the dice that come with it. After rolling the dice, players activate the abilities of their adventurer and companions and, depending on which side of the board they are playing, they move into the forest or the archipelago. The round ends by returning the dice to their columns, according to the player’s roll.

Glow is a game of searching for the best combination of skills on the companions to collect as many shards as you can. Since you can use each die for several cards, the combinations will be crucial: you’ll have to consider choosing the right companion, one that comes with less dice, or a less suitable companion, but with more dice, which means you can activate more cards and move more on the board.
The game has a very smooth gameplay with phases that play simultaneously such as the rolling and activating of the cards, which shortens the length of the game.
There’s definitely a lot of luck involved and if you’re a person who easily gets agitated when dice don’t do what you want them to do, you better stay away from this game. But if you’re still looking for a game with dice rolling and pushing your luck, I can highly recommend you to check this one out!

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